These Shops Around Westwood Can Restore Your Furniture

Whether you have a dresser with deep scratches or a coffee table with a broken leg, several local shops can keep your furniture from the landfill. That's because their skilled teams can restore your piece to look like new. The furniture restoration shops near our Westwood apartments include:

Paul Riedl Studio

In 1985, Paul Riedl accepted an apprenticeship allowing him to join a skilled team of craftsmen who worked on restoration projects for the United States government. Ten years later, he opened the Paul Riedl Studio. Today, Paul's mission is to finish and restore furniture and home interiors, both old and new. Paul and his team specialize in wood finishing and restoration and use time-honored techniques to bring your pieces back to life.

Burma Design Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation

Voted "Best of Boston," Burma Design Antique Furniture Restoration and Conservation has offered high-quality services since 1984. Founder Matt Burstein started taking things apart at a young age to see what made them tick. Years later, he began his career in furniture restoration after obtaining a degree in fine arts. He's known for his attention to detail and provides museum-quality antique furniture repair, restoration, and conservation. Services include brass polishing, structural stabilization, and inlay replacements.


Owned by the Trotter family since 1921, Trefler's has been committed to providing the finest restoration services for more than a century. The skilled artisans combine traditional craftsmanship with leading conservation trends. They're trained across several specialties and work closely together to provide the best repairs possible. Services include repurposing, stripping, and structural restorations.

From furniture repair shops to dog walkers, Westwood Glen Commons is near a variety of local businesses. If you're searching for a vibrant place to call home, please contact us. Our team will show you everything you can enjoy as a resident of our apartments in Westwood, MA.

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Mar 13