Go for a Scenic Hike Around Westwood

When you want to get out and explore, lace up your hiking boots and hit the best local trails. Along the way, you'll discover everything from wetlands to wildlife. The hiking trails near our Westwood apartments include:

Wilson Mountain Reservation

Stretching 207 acres, the Wilson Mountain Reservation sits on land once owned by John Wilson. He purchased the property in 1742, and historians believe he likely used it to graze livestock and harvest trees. Today, the reservation's habitats are home to an array of plants and animals. Those who look closely may also see stone wall remnants and old carriage roads. The trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset. 

Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary 

Moose Hill dates back to 1916, making it Mass Audubon's oldest wildlife sanctuary. It's surrounded by protected forests, fields, and wetlands and is a fun place to explore. The sanctuary boasts twenty miles of trails, including Billings Loop. This path leads hikers past a barn, old farmland, and through a red maple swamp. During the spring and summer months, look for the eastern bluebirds and tree swallows around the nesting boxes. After your hike, stop by The Farm at Moose Hill. It's where you'll find organic food you can turn into delicious meals.

Stony Brook Reservation 

At Stony Brook, you will discover a small forest in the middle of Boston. It features approximately 12 miles of trails over 475 acres. These hiking trails provide some of the best wildlife viewing around Westwood. Perch and sunfish swim in Turtle Pond, and you're sure to see chirping birds and other wildlife during your visit. In the reservation's southern end, you'll also find athletic fields, a pool, and a spray deck. 

For another way to have some fun, explore the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Finally, to call Westwood Glen Commons home, please contact us. We will gladly show you everything our apartments in Westwood, MA have to offer.

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